In Tandem Theatre

Photo by: Ryan Blomquist

as Cecily in Ernest in Love - In Tandem Theatre

"Oseth, a recent graduate from the musical theater program at UWM, caught all that an 18 year old who desperately wants to be in love needed. She sings like an angel and has an obvious spirit about her that is not to be ignored. She mixes Cecily's inexperience and naivety with her determination to become a woman – now!"

- Dave Begel, "Ernest in Love" closes In Tandem season with a howling success -

"The talented leads capture the strange allure of entitlement: charming and winsome as can be, they don’t shy away from showing what spoiled little brats their characters are... Doug Clemons gives Algernon raffish flamboyance as a shameless playboy; yet he meets his match in Peyton Oseth’s delightful Cecily, a cloistered teen whose sweetness barely conceals an adventurous spirit..."

- Jeff Grygny, Mating Call of the Aristocrats - Milwaukee Theatre Examiner

"For most of the other parts, In Tandem has found striking talents – perhaps most memorable is Peyton Oseth as the self-absorbed ingénue Cecily...The real find is Oseth as Cecily, who seems born to the mantle of this form of musical comedy...."

- Dominique Paul Noth, 'Ernest in Love' Is a Delight -

"Shortly after intermission, Clemons' rich baritone joins forces with Peyton Oseth's lovely soprano, as Wilde's two glibbest characters play their way into actual love. It's as close as this frothy musical ever gets to a serious moment; set to music and beautifully sung, it captures the promise and potential in Wilde's spirit of play, which allows us to reinvent and free ourselves."

- Mike Fischer, Splendiferous 'Ernest in Love' lets Wilde burst into song - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Greendale Theatre

Photo by: Clareview Photography

as Holly in The Wedding Singer - Greendale Theatre

"Peyton Oseth: An illustrative example of an actor who played a ridiculous, one-dimensional character while nevertheless captivating me involves Peyton Oseth in her turn as Holly, Julia's promiscuous cousin. Oseth has a good voice that easily handles this tour of 1980s pop. But she also stands out, here, because she plays Holly for who she is without seeming self-conscious or embarrassed about it — and, therefore, without needing to apologize for it or make a joke from it. Result: She is even funnier than some of the muggers around her.


Oseth — a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee musical theater program who appeared in the ensemble for Skylight Music Theatre's 2014 production of "The Wizard of Oz" as well as Greendale's two 2015 productions ("Spring Awakening" and "Parade") — bears watching."

- Mike Fischer, Greendale's 'The Wedding Singer' a frosted take on the 80's - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel